One of the most pleasurable projects from last year was Canals Connect.

Please read the Executive Summary by Faceless Company’s Community Engagement Manager, Charlie Wells, as it is  more succinct and descriptive  than I could ever write. The link is here.Canals Connect Executive Summary

Picture courtesy of Wakefield Express

For me the real joy was seeing some people create a painting for the first time.

  Silk painting was an interesting and successful process. I had not done it before so it was an experiment for all of us.

As a process it enabled the participants to experiment with colour and to create without the preconceptions of what painting should be.

Had I used water colours, for example, the participant’s previous experience, through gallery visits etc, would have informed their expectations of the finished results. With silk painting there was, generally, no such previous experience to relate to so people were more likely to ‘have a go’.





A very big thank you to the 250 plus people who painted with me.

Here are a few examples of the work created by  people of all ages.




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