A Little Heart Adventure For World Health Day

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To celebrate World Health Day I worked with Wakefield Sea Cadets to build 2 giant heart lanterns.

The Cadets made the frames out of willow and covered them in cling film and tissue.

Back at base I put battery-powered LED lights inside and painted the hearts with a layer of latex to help waterproof them.

The hearts where then strapped onto a boat moored by the canal where we waited for dark.

I had a camara mounted on a tri-pod to get some shots but ended up taking most on my phone.

The boat did a circuit across the canal and past The Hepworth Gallery a few times whilst it got darker.

The Cadets did a great job as I asked them to go around again and again, with the giant hearts acting as a sail.

…never did get the right photo after all that. The static camera had the best quality but phone always seemed to grab the best composition.

I think the lesson from that must be to hire a professional photographer next time….or stayed glued to the static camera and leave the phone at home.

Still, it was a nice adventure.

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