A recent project for Hemsworth Arts and Community College. They asked Faceless to work with their feeder schools delivering sculpture workshops to year 6 pupils. The finished sculptures were displayed at an exhibition at WSETEC.

The sculptures are based on olympic sports depicting the movement and dynamics involved.

I gave the schools a choice of workshop – wire or willow –  and I had one day with each class to create and complete their sculpture.

A very big thank you has to go to Helena Ho who volunteered to help me on the project. Her contributions were invaluable.

A happy couple of months was spend working with all the schools, some familiar, some new to me, and I enjoyed the challenge of not really knowing each day what the end result would be. This was because the choice of materials and sports made room for artistic improvisation….or as Helena would say, eyeing me with suspicion, “You’re blagging it aren’t you?”

I can now categorically state that at no time was I blagging it, oh no, and I knew what I was doing all the time.

Here are some of the finished results.

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