154 Active is a commission from Barnsley Council to create a piece of sculpture with schools from Barnsley and Newham.

Newham is the London Borough that hosted the Olympic Games. Barnsley Council have been working with Newham on a number of projects.


Newham is 154 miles from Barnsley.

Over 300 year 5 and 6 pupils will make sculpture.

Over 240 member of the public will make sculpture.

Our sculpture will be 154ft long.

If will contain 308 relay runners.

The relay runners and spectators are approx. 40cm tall.

Each figure is made out of one continuous piece of 13m long wire

We will create 240 spectators.

We will work with 10 schools

The finished piece will be made up of 77 panels each containing 4 figures.

Over 7km of 2mm thick aluminium wire will make the figures.

We will make 2 life-size figures using 2.5km of 5mm wire.

The final sculpture will be exhibited at Canon Hall on Friday 19th October.

(I am glad I own a calculator)

Some of it will look like this –

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