Boundary No Boundary – Exhibition

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Boundary No Boundary is a visual and physical exploration of the Wakefield District boundary.

This 60-mile long line both divides and unites communities.

The exhibition contained paintings, sculpture, documentation and artefacts and tried to fit the entire Wakefield District into one room.

The Boundary No Boundary project finally came to an end with the closing of the exhibition at The Art House, Wakefield on 18th October. The project website will remain for a while and all information about it can be accessed here

Thank you to the Arts Council for funding, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, National Coal Mining Museum England and Wakefield Libraries for support and to David Gilbert for curation.

And thanks to the 200 people who took part in the workshops, stopped to say hello on the walks and agreed to share their stories.

Photographs of the exhibition are by David Lindsay courtesy of Artwalk.ArtWalk_Sept2018 60ArtWalk_Sept2018 61ArtWalk_Sept2018 56ArtWalk_Sept2018 62ArtWalk_Sept2018 57ArtWalk_Sept2018 55ArtWalk_Sept2018 53

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