Boundary No Boundary – Wakefield Cathedral

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In May 2019, one year after starting Boundary No Boundary, the project came full circle with the Boundary at Wakefield Cathedral. Installed around the building’s labyrinth Boundary encouraged the audience to take their own journey, echoing the Beating of the Bounds tradition where the parish boundaries would be reinforced through the act of walking.

Boundary No Boundary is the documentation of a 60-mile long walk along the boundary of the Wakefield District, including 60 plein air painting representing a complete panorama from the boundary looking out.

All the paintings can be seen here Boundary No Boundary – Film

For more information please visit BoundaryNoBoundary

(photographs by David Lindsay courtesy of Artwalk Wakefield)

Artwalk_May2019 111Artwalk_May2019 112Artwalk_May2019 114Artwalk_May2019 115Artwalk_May2019 116Artwalk_May2019 117Artwalk_May2019 118Artwalk_May2019 131

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