The country went into it’s second national Covid-19 lockdown on 5th November 2020. It was due to be lifted on 2nd December.

As the end drew near I wanted to create some images to accompany this period of time. Rather than produce more paintings, I wanted the pieces to reflect the coming winter and the early darkness. I also wanted to use things that were readily available and easy to work with, so that, perhaps, others might like a go.

I had some LED tea lights left over from the Rhubarb Shed project, some paper bags from a lantern experiment, some paper boats and tracing paper butterflies from other projects.

Working with me was artist Helen Thomas.

We chose the local parks in Wakefield near where we live as the setting and looked for locations that might reflect the chosen images.

Photographs were taken on an iPhone with no editing.

Popcorn bags on the steps on Clarence Park Arena – 24th November 2020
Paper boats on the duck pond in Thornes Park – 26th November 2020
Leaves in the avenue of trees in Clarence Park – 29th November 2020
Plant pots in Thornes Park Rose Garden – 30th November 2020
Butterflies in the Secret Garden in Thornes Park – 1st December 2020
Snow Lights near Clarence Park Arena – 15th January 2021

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