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This project was a micro commission as part of the My Three Words project by IOU and commissioned by Junction Goole.

The commission was to creatively respond to a location, within 2km of Junction Goole using the What3Words app as inspiration.

We have spent a year living with ever-changing rules, regulation and restrictions, not sure where our boundaries lie. This project has a restriction of its own, working within a 2km radius of Junction. I wanted to create a 1 to 1 scale map of my chosen square where, in all probability, the only feature on it would be the line (a slight arc) marking the circumference of my circle, an object that exists on my map but has no objective reality on the ground. I wanted to make this line real, if only temporarily.

Along this line I created a sculptural installation of small figures (approx. 30cm tall). They are made from aluminium wire. They are doing something we can rarely do these days, which is to contact each other. They are holding hands, embracing, and dancing together, along this imaginary line.

A short video of the piece can be found at the My Three Words website here

I drew a circle on a map of Goole, with a radius of 2km.

I found a place along the arc of my circle that looked empty on the map and had no cartographical features, apart from my arc. I found the what3words square of that place. 

I marked out the square in the landscape.

I added the arc of my imaginary circle as it crossed that square. 

I created small, sculpted figures that danced and embraced along my imaginary line.

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