Boundary No Boundary – Paintings

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Here are the 60 paintings (20 triptychs) painted Plein air for Boundary No Boundary. Whilst walking and exploring the entire length of the Wakefield District Boundary, (in the summer of 2018), I would stop every three miles, find a vantage point. and paint on three boards what I could see from the boundary looking out. These paintings form a complete panorama of the Wakefield District looking out. Acrylic on 15cm x 30cm boards.

(photographs of paintings by Nick Singleton)

T Wade-Landscape Repro-28T Wade-Landscape Repro-29T Wade-Landscape Repro-30

15th May 2018 – Stage 1  – Towards Barnsley, High Hoyland, Emley Moor, 

T Wade-Landscape Repro-25T Wade-Landscape Repro-26T Wade-Landscape Repro-27

16th May 2018 – Stage 2 – Towards Royston, Mapplewell, Staincross,

T Wade-Landscape Repro-24T Wade-Landscape Repro-22T Wade-Landscape Repro-23

19th May 2018 – Stage 3 – Towards Lundwood, Barnsley and Royston

T Wade-Landscape Repro-20T Wade-Landscape Repro-19T Wade-Landscape Repro-21

22nd May 2018 – Stage 4 – Towards Brierley Manor, Tom Bank Wood and Cudsworth

T Wade-Landscape Repro-16T Wade-Landscape Repro-17T Wade-Landscape Repro-18

23rd May 2018 – Stage 5 – Towards Hooton Pagnell Frickley Park and Whin Covert Plantation

T Wade-Landscape Repro-13T Wade-Landscape Repro-14T Wade-Landscape Repro-15

5th June 2018 – Stage 6 – Towards Stubbs Farm, Hampole and Moorhouse Grange

T Wade-Landscape Repro-10T Wade-Landscape Repro-11T Wade-Landscape Repro-12

6th June – Stage 7 – Towards Barnsdale Bar, A1 and Skelbrooke

T Wade-Landscape Repro-7T Wade-Landscape Repro-8T Wade-Landscape Repro-9

8th June 2018 – Stage 8 – Towards Eggborough, Drax and Cusworth Hill,

T Wade-Landscape Repro-4T Wade-Landscape Repro-5T Wade-Landscape Repro-6

12th June 2018 – Stage 9 – Towards Kellingley, Eggborough and  Gale Common

T Wade-Landscape Repro-1T Wade-Landscape Repro-2T Wade-Landscape Repro-3

13th June – Stage 10 – Towards Smeathalls Farm, Birkin and Beal

T Wade-Landscape Repro-33T Wade-Landscape Repro-32T Wade-Landscape Repro-31

15th June – Stage 11 – Towards Brotherton, Byram and Sutton

T Wade-Landscape Repro-36T Wade-Landscape Repro-35T Wade-Landscape Repro-34

19th June – Stage 12 – Towards Newton, Newfield and Caudle Hill Plantation

T Wade-Landscape Repro-39T Wade-Landscape Repro-38T Wade-Landscape Repro-37

20th June 2018 – Stage 13 – Towards Pinder Green, Allerton Bywater and Ledstone Hall

T Wade-Landscape Repro-42T Wade-Landscape Repro-41T Wade-Landscape Repro-40

22nd June 2018 – Stage 14 – Towards Royds Green, Hungate and Methley Park

T Wade-Landscape Repro-45T Wade-Landscape Repro-44T Wade-Landscape Repro-43

26th June 2018 – Stage 15 – Towards The Fall, M1, M62 interchange and Lofthouse

T Wade-Landscape Repro-48T Wade-Landscape Repro-47T Wade-Landscape Repro-46

27th June 2018 – Stage 16 – Towards Gawthorpe, Haigh Hills Spring Wood and East Ardsley

T Wade-Landscape Repro-51T Wade-Landscape Repro-50T Wade-Landscape Repro-49

29th June 2018 – Stage 17 – Towards Thornhill Lees,Dewsbury and Chickenley

T Wade-Landscape Repro-54T Wade-Landscape Repro-53T Wade-Landscape Repro-52

3rd July 2018 – Stage 18 – Towards Grange Wood, Briestfield and Thornhill Edge

T Wade-Landscape Repro-57T Wade-Landscape Repro-56T Wade-Landscape Repro-55

4th July 2018 – Stage 19 – Towards Emley Moor, Flockton Moor and Flockton

T Wade-Landscape Repro-60T Wade-Landscape Repro-59T Wade-Landscape Repro-58

6th July 2018 – Stage 20 – Towards Barugh Hill, High Hoyland and Clayton West

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