How to make a Floatyghostdogpuppetthingy

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Hemsworth Arts and Community College wanted a Zero the Dog puppet for their production of Nightmare Before Christmas.

Because I didn’t know the name of the puppet before I started it will forever now be called Floatyghostdogpuppetthingy.

Model your puppet head in clay
The ears were to be added later so plasterzote pieces where used just to give an idea. Finished puppet would also have a glowing pumpkin nose so that was placed on also.
Head laid on plaster base in box.
plaster poured up to a predetermined line on the model. This will be the point where the mould will split in 2.
I built up the walls of the box ready for the second part of the mould. I carved notches into the plaster so that the 2 halves would match up. The dried plaster was covered in a thin layer of vaseline so that the two halves would come apart.
second lot of plaster added
This picture shows the mould when the sides have been taken off and the whole mould removed from the box. The peak is where I scooped drying plaster onto the nose. You can see I’ve added sacking to the wet plaster to add strength.
Pour liquid latex into the cleaned mould and leave for 4 hours
Pour out the latex leaving a skin and leave to dry overnight.
remove the head from the mould
wire in glowing pumpkin nose. This one was taken from a halloween toy.
a base coat of white paint was added – 50/50 acrylic paint and latex.
Paint and finish.
Plasterzote ears added. Body made out of a sheet of plasterzote shaped using a heat gun. White cloth draped over the body giving a floaty feel. Puppet attached to a long black pole to give the appearance of floating against a black backdrop. 

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