Mould your shell out of clay
 This can be heavy so use a strong table or the floor.
Add strips of copper (shim) around the shell effectively creating 2 halves
You can push the copper quite far into the clay if you want.
Add silicone rubber to the clay. You will not need a barrier as silicone won't stick to anything!
This is very messy. Wear gloves and read the instrictions as to the amounts.
Put a layer of fiber glass in to of your dried silicone. This will keep the silicone mould in place.
 Add fibreglass on top of your dried silicone. This will keep the silicone mould in place.
Half way there
 You are half way there, don’t give up.
Same with the other half
I tilted the whole thing to make it easier to add the silicone. Silicone can usually be poured but I added an additive that gave it a buttery texture making it easier to spread.
Split your mould, once dried, to reveal the original clay shell. The clay can now be reused.
This was a real moment of truth.
Put your mould back together. Lay fiberglass inside your mould, when dry split mould again to reveal 1 fibreglass snail shell. Repeat as necessary or until you get board of making snail shells.
I added fibreglass tabs on the edge of the two halves of the mould. These were then drilled so I could bold them together to create 1 complete mould ready for casting. It was tricky laying the fibreglass inside the mould and I gor covered in the stuff so always wear the appropriate PPE.
Trim, grind, sand and smooth.
Fibreglass dust is very, VERY, irritating. Do this in a well ventilated place and cover all areas of skin.
 paint and make look pretty.
6 finished snail shells ready for Faceless Company’s Snailympics 2010
For information, and better instructions, i recomment you look at as they have all the materials needed plus very good instruction booklets.

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