The next big community project for Faceless is Communities in Time, an exploration and documentation of the contrasting histories of 4 areas of the Wakefield District, – Portobello, Eastmoor, Airedale & Ferry Fryston and Knottingley.

To create a visual representation of those histories we will be using tree designs – roots, branches, leaves etc.

I have started collecting tree pictures on my phone and then, last night, I experimented with a continuous line doodle.

The idea was to create an image from scratch without taking the pen off the paper….it was something to do whilst watching the plot from Midsummer Murders unravel. (although as you can see I ended up cheating… did the plot writers of Midsummer Murders)

The image also has a link to the Gruffalo project I am working on. I must have deep dark woods on the brain.

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