Boundary No Boundary is a new walking artwork.

I am going to walk around the boundary of Wakefield District. It’s about 100 miles long.
I’ll be doing it in 5 to 10 mile stages.
I’ll be painting/sketching/making as I go, hoping to document this sometimes artificial sometimes natural space between places. (As an added task and as it’s the anniversary of the Art Comes Naturally project I’ll also be collecting a stick from each leg of the route to make a giant map of the district when I’ve finished). This might take some time.
I would like people to join me on a section of the route that interested them or is local to them. This isn’t just for people in Wakefield as the boundary borders Leeds, Kirklees, Barnsley, Doncaster, North Yorkshire and East Yorkshire. 

I’ll be gathering stories as I go.

The Yorkshire Sculpture Park has agreed to hosting the first stage through their land. The boundary also traverses their lake.

These photographs are from a first exploratory expedition tracing the boundary as it leaves the Yorkshire Sculpture Park and heads east along the river Dearne. 


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