A physical and visual exploration of the Wakefield District Boundary.

The boundary is a linear space that physically exists but has little actual presence. Does where you call home either side of this invisible line affects how you think about yourself. Are you from Wakefield, Leeds, Barnsley etc? Many are unaware of where the actual line is.

I will walk, paint, explore and document this space.

I will invite people that live near the boundary on either side to join me. I will encourage them to document it also.

The Wakefield boundary is approximately 60 miles long. I will divide it in to 20 x 3 miles stretches. I will find a place in the middle of each stretch to paint. I will paint on three panels (40cm x 20cm) recording what I see in 180 degrees from horizon to horizon looking outwards from the district. On a flat landscape the visible distance to the horizon is approximately 3 miles. The completed series of paintings will record a complete view from the boundary looking out.

I did an exploration of the stretch near Knottingley. The photos below are from there. 

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