I went to social media to find answers to this question – ‘If I asked you to imagine an image that sums up the word ‘Rural’ what would that look like? What would it contain?’

Below are the images and words send in response.

Tash Stone - Jersey
Tash Stone – Jersey
Suu Wernham
Suu Wernham
Stephen Foster - generic image
Stephen Foster – generic image
Squirella - Cyprus
Squirella – Cyprus
Rod Dixon - Jersey
Rod Dixon – Jersey
Richard Erwin Jones
Richard Erwin-Jones
Liz Patch - Shropshire where she went on writers retreat
Liz Patch – Shropshire where she went on a writer’s retreat
Johanna Tipton - Mount - Croatia
Johanna Tipton-Mount – Croatia
Helen Peeters - Cornwall
Helen Peeters – Cornwall
Frances Georgina - Leeds -nRawdon Billing
Frances Georgina – Leeds, Rawdon Billing
Florence Harriet scott
Florence Harriet Rose Scott
Duncan Chapman - Lincolnshire
Duncan Chapman – Lincolnshire (view from back garden)
Claire Lake - Ackworth
Claire Lake – Ackworth
Brucmoll -
Alan Phoenix-Bates This - the landscape and the industries that benefit from it - Fettercairn Distillery in this case.
Alan Phoenix-Bates This – the landscape and the industries that benefit from it – Fettercairn Distillery in this case


Facebook responses

Roy Blacker Vicar of Dibley country – Turville Buckinghamshire https://www.picturesofengland.com/…/pictures/1122335

Marc Coyles – Big old houses and barns like these at Hurstwood, near Worsthorne. Was a tiny hamlet, although I suspect these days money has landed there… https://www.google.co.uk/imgres…

(I spent much of my teenage years in the various houses at the link, and the related images. They were fabulous… big open fireplaces that 8 could stand in. Surrounded by woodland & reservoir. Head off on the various little footpaths to find some delightful wrecks, farms in the middle of nowhere, barbed wire covered in wool, odd old tin huts in the middle of the woods… was a great place to have access to growing up)

Holly Murphy A stone wall with a style in fields

Luke Dickson – Grass

Sharon Sutton Fields hedges & lanes

Johanna Tipton-Mount The middle of nowhere with a singular intriguing cottage…lots of green grass, mountains and a sheepdog resting.

just found what I was picturing in my photos…this was somewhere mostly isolated in Croatia…although I don’t know why when you asked the question I actually pictured the dales

Mary Duggan What an interesting question! My instinctive response is that it represents a managed landscape rather than a wild one. It’s a landscape that’s been shaped and nurtured by human hands. It’s also a landscape that retains a human scale. So for me, the endless cornfields of the midwestern USA don’t feel rural.

Helen Peeters Fields, stone walls, maybe a farm

Jacqui Taliesin El Masry Trees. Nature.

Jayne Pollard Drystone walls, rugged outcrops and sheep in fields

John Jowett Anywhere that doesn’t have lots of traffic and poundshops.

Suu Wernham Water, trees and the occasional building

Maddi Cassell I surprised myself with the images that first popped into my head. I grew up in a rural area, and my first responses were: big flat monoculture fields, huge machines out spraying chemicals, keep out signs and landowners with guns. It wasn’t the lovely bucolic scenes that I would have described if I had taken more time to respond

Julie Edgar Sitting waiting for the herd of cows to cross the road on their way to be milked.

Jenny Wade Rawcliffe. (Village where she was born and still lives)


Twitter responses

Irene Purcell – Trees, Green Hills, and audible stream, a barn, some sheep

Steven B Williams – The sound of sheep and birds

Iron Withell-Scythe – A fox in someone’s back garden

Karl Shore – Hedgerows

Norma Foulds – Somewhere 20 miles from nearest town, if any bus service only one a day, no shop or services , rubbish internet and mobile service , houses out if the price range of most locals, beautiful views

Liz Green – Ploughed up Fields

Crafty Owls Pottery and Arts Studio – sheep!

Emma Gee -Ladybird books with pictures of fields and 50s tractors and a church steeple in the distance – and a cow & birds

Maurice Morgan – Green areas. Trees. Wildlife. Farmlands. Accessibility for public. Quiet spaces, away from City sounds etc.

Sally Lockey – A lonely tree on Hadrian’s Wall. I think it’s because the beeb have a stock photo of it.

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