IMG_8454A collaborative piece working with Helen Thomas

We were commissioned to create a piece reflecting Wakefield Council Chief Executive Merran McRae’s thoughts on the relevance of the Nolan Principles today.

Our piece ‘If I was sitting here’ was exhibited alongside 13 other works from across the country at the Solace Summit in Birmingham NEC

We wanted the piece to have a tactile and useful quality; something with a function rather than simply a decorative piece.

Our collaboration on the work included Merran in its making. The abstracted patchwork design is inspired by Merran’s thoughts on how the Nolan Principles can be woven into the fabric of local government and help shape and support communities, it incorporates words and phrases chosen by Merran. The image represents a harmonious interweaving of elements that can be read as buildings (residential, commercial and industrial), gardens, fields, waterways, allotments, paths, roads and sky.



More information here


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