Researching possible locations for launching little boats. The ideal is to find somewhere with not too many overhanging trees, (good for light levels) some small obstacles, (like occasional stones and rocks) pebble beach for launching, good access from the riverbank, good access to a stopping point (so boats can be retrieved) and good access to the location.

10th August – River Dearne – between Haigh Lane and Darton (South Yorkshire) SE 30057 11858

A good, shallow stretch of water but limited access from the banking. Access along the Dearne Way can be tough going.

River Dearne 10th August


12th August – River Dearne – Yorkshire Sculpture Park (West Yorkshire) SE 28085 12504

Managed watercourse in a popular location but has poor access to the water

River Dearne 12th August

15th August – Coxley Woods, Wakefield (West Yorkshire)  SE 27242 16724

Nice twists and turns but very overgrown and silted up. Not great access.

Coxley Woods 15th August

18th August – Cannon Hall Country Park, Barnsley (South Yorkshire)  SE 27416 07907

Stream becoming a small lake. Quite still and deep in places. Good access.

Cannon Hall 18th August

18th August – River Dearne at Darton (South Yorkshire)  SE 30973 10334

Fast-flowing but with poor access to waterside.

River Dearne 18th August

20th August – River Went at Wentbridge (North Yorkshire) SE 49827 17326

Picturesque setting but access is difficult (30-minute walk through trees and very few access points to the river) and many snagging branches at the side.

River Went 20th August

24th August – River Holme at Holmfirth (West Yorkshire) SE 14540 08946

Good access – short walk from a car park and many points along the bank to get to the water.

River Holme 24th August

24th August – River Colne at Marsden (West Yorkshire) SE 05758 12489

Fast-flowing but with limited access to water.

River Colne 24th August

Favourite to date is the location at Holmfirth.

Boat at River Holme

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