Whilst getting to grips with a new iPad I wanted to explore places I visited during the COVID-19 paintings but didn’t get around to during lockdown.

This re-exploration was sparked by a digital drawing I did for Edgelands Arts for a proposal they were working on. The drawing was of a pub called Hogarths, a rather splendid building on Westgate in Wakefield.

6th August 2020 – Hogarths

Westgate is a street in Wakefield notorious for it’s nighttime economy – lots of pubs, bars, nightclubs and takeaways along a very short stretch of road through the city centre.

When walking during lockdown I would often venture onto the street as is was now eerily empty but never managed to paint it.

I was struck by the contrast in the buildings between the upper floor and the lower floor: The upper half showing architectural features that hint of a previous grandeur and the lower half dedicated almost entirely to advertising its modern function. I think I tweeted at the time I was fascinated by the mixture of ‘run down’ top half and ‘marketing’ below – a possible analogy for how I was feeling at the time whist getting to grips with the new technology.

30th August 2020 – 70 Westgate
3rd September 2020 -76 Westgate
5th September 2020 – 65 Westgate End
6th September 2020 – 57, 59 and 61 Westgate End
29th September 2020 – The Black Swan

The next two images are of buildings that face each other across Westgate. Because of their close proximity to each other, with only the width of a road between them, you cannot stand far enough back to fully take in a complete view face on, so they are created from many different images to form an impossible view.

9th January 2021 – Unity Hall

19th January 2021 – Wakefield Theatre Royal

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