A quick flick through 10 years of making things by myself and with other people, selecting one piece per year. With thanks to Faceless Arts, Edgelands Arts (Bev Adams and Charlie Wells) and many wonderful artists and communities across the country but specifically Helen Thomas, Stephanie James, Claire Walker, Zoe Stainton, Louise Atkinson, Helena Ho & David Gilbert.


2010 – Numbers Collage and wood (North Light Gallery)

Global Echoes 031

2011 Snails –Papier Mache (Faceless Arts workshops prior to tour) How to make a large snail shell.

paint and make look pretty.


2012 – Volleyball Willow and Tissue paper (Hepworth Wakefield) The Spirit of the Olympics at The Hepworth Wakefield



2013 – Windowvinyl and acetate sheets (The Royal Priors – Leamington Spa) 2013

Stained Glass Window – Royal Leamington Spa


2014 – Wired for Wellbeing Aluminium wire  (Yorkshire Sculpture Park) Wired for Wellbeing – YSP

emergency services sign


2015 – The Couple Aluminium wire (a moated island in East Yorkshire) The Couple The Couple continue


2016 – Gorau Chwarae, Cyd Chwarae vinyl and pvc (Wrexham) 2016 – Balancing stones against the tide

May – Wrexham Euro 2016 installation


2017 – Wood Street Panorama silk painting and textiles (Wakefield Cathedral) Wood Street Panorama



2018 –  Boundary No Boundary acrylic on board and mixed media (The Art House, Wakefield) Boundary No Boundary

ArtWalk_Sept2018 61


2019 – Journeys Silk painting and textiles 



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