For the Wood Street – Heart of Wakefield project I am working with a number of Wakefield based groups and individuals to create a giant silk painted panorama of Wood Street. Wood Street contains a fascinating mixture of buildings, from grand civic establishments to independent shops and accommodation. I photographed every building, editing them to create a front on elevation (narrow streets meant I had to edit to counteract the foreshortening of certain buildings) Participants then picked a building from a sequence and sat side by side to produce their own 30cm x 30cm silk painting but with reference to the ones either side. Below is a photograph of part of the panorama exhibited at Wakefield Cathedral as well as an example of one of the silk paintings painted by a participant from Wakefield based Mental Health support group Catch a Falling Star, the large collaborative painting of a few buildings on Wood Street created at the project launch and a quick mock up of two of the completed sections. There will be 4 in total. each measuring over 2 m.

Wood Street Panoramadefault






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